Monday, August 24, 2009

This Week at Liberty 08/24/2009

A few weeks ago, I alluded to the phenomenon I called "Blog creep" whereby blogs got longer and longer each time they were posted until they became ponderously large and weren't as much fun any more...well, I'm doing my best to fight the urge, and this week you might notice a truncated posting. Actually, it isn't all my efforts to control the sprawl - it's more that I didn't have many good photos and wound up with a short update. My bad?
Anyway, this stuff happened, and you'll also note the little surprise I promised last week! Enjoy!
Melanie holds an R & C class for APS.
Anne presents a peregrine for Gail's orientation class.
Our Education season has yet to officially begin, but the team is ramping up for a great year. We've done a few shows already, among them a couple for our power company contractors by the Research and Conservation group. And on a recent weekday, Gail Cochrane, Liberty's Volunteer Coordinator, held an orientation for new volunteers. Anne Peyton added a great demonstration with one of our peregrine falcons.
Chaco makes a great landing.
Jan and Chaco after a morning flight.
In addition to the usual presentation of our Ed birds on the glove, our flight display team keeps in practice all summer. In the early morning prior to reaching triple digits, the flight volunteers and the flight demonstration birds practice for a few minutes to keep their skills up.
A little gila woodpecker arrived with leg problems.
Careful hands fashion a splint of tape.
The appliance is custom made to the bird's leg.
The extreme range of care given to the birds and animals at Liberty is always remarkable. A few years ago, we had a bald eagle with a wounded leg. His external braces were an astounding arrangement of steel, aluminum, and plastic rivaling NASA's moon suits. Then, this little gila woodpecker needed some bracing, and this was accomplished by a couple layers of masking tape. It helps to be inventive and resourceful when you work in wildlife rehab!
A tiny visitor arrives...
The elf owl is the smallest owl in Arizona... and almost everywhere else!
Feeding something this small takes practice.
One of the most common owls in Arizona is also one of the smallest! This little elf owl arrived last week after reportedly being brought in by a house cat. So small they are often mistaken for moths and bats, most people claim never to have seen one. This tiny bird has all the symptoms of improper imprinting so he will be under close observation to determine if he can be released after he regains his normal weight and strength.
OK, I don't usually include commercials on this page, but this is such a cool event, I didn't want anybody to miss it. If you play golf (I don't), or know anybody who does (I do!), tell them to sign up for this tournament. It's a blast!

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