Monday, July 6, 2009

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 07/06/2009

Would you recognize the sound of a well oiled machine if you heard it? Perhaps the sound of a brand new Bentley outside the window would catch your attention. I am not sure what that exact sound is, but I think I can imagine something very close to it—I heard it just last Monday at Liberty Wildlife. And, I wasn’t the only one. |

Several of us were working in the office…..a few short steps away from the nuts and bolts of the facility, the Orphan Care, Intensive Care, and Treatment area. I was aware of a smooth repartee coming from the other room, but didn’t voice my thoughts until Anne Peyton, working at a desk in the office, commented about the professionalism happening in the other room (just a thin wall away from where we were). She totally read my mind and beat me to the verbalization. Drat!

It is hard to explain what we both heard on Monday morning, but for me it was something like this:

There was a hum, maybe it was a little bit of a buzz, but it was all constructive. Orphan Care was communicating with the Medical Services volunteers/staff. Problems were being solved, and by that I mean animals were being taken care of in whatever manner was best for that particular animal. The cabinets were opening and closing quietly…just a whisper of a sound as wings were wrapped and medications administered. Diets were being prepared for the animals in Intensive Care and at a separate sink dishes were being cleaned and readied for the next Orphan Care shift. And, who would have thought that the whisk of the broom across the floor followed closely by the slosh of the mop drawn from the bucket swabbing the floor right behind it could make such a mysteriously melodic addition to the mix? The clink, whish, snap, and crunch all harmonized for a symphonic blending of a work in progress. Or was it the sound of a well oiled machine….I think so. And, of course there was more as each person involved added their energy to the hum—the door to the outside opened and closed as animals and people came in and out moving to designated areas progressing the rehabilitation process a bit forward or readying an animal to be released back into the wild.

We heard it; it registered; it was impressive. I will never cease to be amazed at what can be accomplished by a dedicated group of people from different age groups, different occupations, different orientations, different life experiences but all held in common by the threads of the tapestry that tells the story of a cause….call it compassion, giving back, just plain making a difference… is music to my ears….that of a well oiled machine. And, the best part is that you could also hear that sound on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday……

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