Monday, May 18, 2009

This Week at Liberty 05/18/2009

Quite a variety of species arrived this week, some orphans, some injured, some orphans with injuries. You just never know what's going to show up at the intake window or come through the door. Some have great stories, and some just need a caring hand. They all find a second chance at Liberty...
Clinging to life after a bad fledging...
Next stop: surgery.
Hotline volunteer Pam called last Monday trying to find help for a "baby owl" that was reportedly hanging from a large power transmission tower up near Prescott. They said he didn't look like he was going to make it so, staying after her shift was over, she helped the man make a connection with the power company and a rescue ensued.  Then she helped arrange a relay transport from the Prescott area to the lower west side of Phoenix where R&T volunteer Dave Waugh picked the injured owl up and brought him to me.  Early the next morning, I ferried him the last leg to Liberty where we discovered a badly injured leg. But as they say on Galaxy Quest, "Never give up! Never surrender!" He was given fluids and his mangled leg was wrapped.  Then on Thursday, Dr. Driggers performed surgery to save his life.  The young owl now has a chance!
It's's a...a...little bitty bird!
A not-quite-so-tiny baby.
A baby kestrel will acquire balance in time.
Two baby red tails - cute, with deadly potential!
A baby green heron joins the OC team.
The torrent of incoming orphans remains unabated. From the tiniest passerines to hummingbirds to kestrels, hawks, and eagles, there are orphans of every size and shape getting the care they need to grow into whatever nature had in mind for them. Our Orphan Care team is just the best!!
How did that song go..."he's got Marty Feldman eyes!"
A snazzy green tag goes with grey cammo.
Hiding behind his new friends.
A very cute little screech owl was admitted last week presenting evidence of a head injury. Now young screech owls are really cute before they get googley-eyed from a window collision, but this little owl is too cute for his own good. Hopefully his injuries are not severe and after a few weeks with some close friends, he'll be released into his old neighborhood.  
A handsome mallard.
Yes, I think we have that in an extra-wide...
A young mallard duck was brought in with a foot injury last weekend. Being ever ingenious, the Medical Services crew fashioned an orthopedic shoe for her out of some styrofoam (the only good use for this material...) Hopefully she can be released in a short while with two good legs and two good feet! Obviously her wings are already in great shape.
Missi holds baby bald eagle #1 while Dr. Orr gives some hydration.
Baby bald #2 looks perkier after some food and fluids.
The recent unseasonably high temperatures have taken their toll on everyone including our burgeoning bald eagle population. With the thermometer in the 100's in the middle of May, baby eagles that normally would be getting lots of food and fluids on their own are now struggling to survive. These two from one local nest were found on the ground on Sunday, gasping and nearly dead from dehydration and electrolytic imbalance. Melissah interrupted her motorcycle outing to administer triage in the field while Max brought the equipment to her. They are now both in adjoining cages in the ICU, cycling between rallies and crashes while the doctors and the MS team cares for them constantly.
Jacque Mott releases a GHO that had been rehabilitated at Liberty.
Into the Carefree sky!     Are we happy?
Last week, local Carefree resident Jacque Mott got to release a GHO from her back yard.  The area was perfect and the timing was right.  This owl came to us on March 16th after a close encounter of the worst kind with an automobile. He was treated for his injuries and was determined to be up for release which was flawlessly executed by Jacque as the owl flew straight and true for the tallest tree in the neighborhood. Releases are, as I always say, the best 15 seconds of any day! 

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