Monday, March 23, 2009

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 03/23/2009

It is always fun to report on a good experience.  Here’s one:

Last Saturday evening some Liberty Wildlife folks released a rehabilitated great horned owl back into the wilds with the Maffi family, neighbors of John and Elaine Glitsos.  John is a rescue and transport and education volunteer who set up the release and in preparation for the release printed off for the Maffi’s the facts about great horned owls found on our web page.  It was clear from the get go that mom, Bonnie, and Dad, Terry, had spent time educating prior to the release.  Three year old Evan jumped out of the car with the fact sheet in hand declaring that “great horned owls have tufts not horns on their heads!”  Evan also said that he wanted binoculars to view the upcoming event and problem solved effectively by making a pair out of two empty toilet paper rolls, painting them appropriately and hanging them from a string so that they would be available for the release.  Check out the photos for some pretty endearing shots of this fabulous family.  I am told that after the release they stuck around in order to help Evan find a grasshopper for an upcoming school project.  A short termed enclosure was secured for the grasshopper and food properly researched was supplied to ensure its safety until it could also be released.

You might be asking “what’s the big deal?”  Well, any of you who know me know that I harp continually about going out of doors yourself and especially with your children if you have them.  Here are two very busy adults who have found time to introduce Evan and Ella to the out of doors, to the nature around them, and to respect the denizens of that environment.  I applaud them, am reassured by them and would like to clone them!  We’ll look for them on the trails in the future….thanks for all that you do to reassure me about the future. And, thanks to Jan and Joe Miller for making this release happen in the first place!

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