Monday, February 2, 2009

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 02/02/2009

As Valentine’s Day approaches it is time to start thinking about hearts. I don’t mean the candy kind although I kind of like those too. No, I am talking about the giving heart. I am talking about the big topic of legacy…..yours to be exact…..your bequest, your long term giving, what you’ll be remembered for.

We generally think of a legacy as a gift handed down to offspring, an institution, a trust, foundation, or endowment to be doled out philanthropically in perpetuity….having a long term impact on the things of importance to the donor (you). These legacies have over the years changed the face of the world and left it a much better place.

There are, however, many levels of giving. For those of us with little financial abilities to give, we might be able to donate time and as they say, “Time is money!” For those with no time and no money but great intentions, that will still be a positive pound on the scales in the end. But for those with great resources the impact can be remarkably felt.

Let’s talk about the specific impact for those who spend time and/or money saving an animal to be returned to the wild. Consider this….that very animal could be the sire of a strand of the species that adapts perfectly to the challenges of our times…could spawn generations of wonderfully adapted sons and daughters for eons to come. Or for another option, your time and/or money could educate a young child’s mind to be a compassionate protector of our natural world….a critically important cry for today’s society and environment.

So, no matter at what level you can give, get involved. Through your time and resources you can support the resiliency of our natural world. Tip the scales to the positive side. By making a long term investment in Liberty Wildlife, you can have a legacy with a grand reverberation. You can be remembered as one who cared about things greater than yourself.

I have always wanted to be a philanthropist mainly because I have always wanted to leave a legacy. Now in my own way, although I am not a philanthropist, I know that I can. Think about it….What will your legacy be? Take a deep; look into your giving heart at Valentine’s Day. Then act.

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