Monday, January 19, 2009

This Week at Liberty 01/19/2009

The pace is picking up a little, and some significant things occurred in the past week. Our amazing Education team did a road trip to Wilcox and presented at the birding festival, Joe continues to train Sonora in the flight enclosure, and we got a special arrival last Friday. (Plus, the Arizona Cardinals won the NFC Championship, and contrary to what the rest of the NFL cities are saying, we are NOT expecting an influx of flying pigs...!)

Let's get to it...
Linda explains the adaptations of the kestrel to a young festival goer.
Several of our Education team went on a three day road trip to southeast Arizona this weekend. They presented some of our birds at the "Wings Over Wilcox" birding festival.  This area has some of the best bird watching in North America, especially this time of year. This year's festival T-shirt sported a print of a painting by Liberty's own Anne Peyton!(Photo by Craig Fischer)
Jan holds while Marion treats and Kristine observes.
A hummer is taken in and held for treatment after a cat attack.
Carl Price brings in a neotropic cormorant.
Another little male kestrel came in and is being treated by the Med Services staff. In great hands, he was assessed by Marion with Kristine's help and observed by Jan. A little humming bird was brought in after being attacked by a cat, and another neotropic cormorant arrived.  He had a fishing hook caught in his tongue.  After this was removed and he was examined, he was released back to his group at a lake in Gilbert.
R&T volunteer John holds a new golden eagle.
A handsome bird.
Bruised knuckles and feet .
Melissa draws a blood sample.
The samples are carefully gathered for various tests. 
Melanie swabs the sample site while Denise holds and Melissa checks the sample.
Hydrating fluids are administered.
He has a good appetite on Monday.
A very good patient.
Last Thursday, a golden eagle was found by AZG&F on the ground near Tonto basin.  He was taken to Dr. Smith, a vet who is also a rehabber in Payson, for triage. The next day, Volunteer mary Williams coordinated a relay from Payson to Scottsdale with her neighbor and John Glitsos, one of our R&T volunteers.  He arrived at Liberty on Friday morning and was examined and hydrated as treatment began. Weighing in at only 6.5 lbs., he was very thin and underweight. A sample of blood was taken and tested for lead poisoning. More samples were sent off to test for West Nile Virus, aspergillosis, and other possible toxic agents. He was not using his lower legs and his feet and knuckles were bruised from being dragged on the ground.
On Monday, he was at least attempting to stand and his appetite was very good, both hopeful signs. This bird is absolutely beautiful so keep your fingers crossed.  He NEEDS to be in the gene pool!

Sonora is learning to fly!
Joe is continuing to train Sonora in the flight enclosure. She is making longer flights each day and is making great progress!  I'll try to get some more video next week!
*****Mark your calendars!  Saturday March 7th is the 2nd annual Liberty Wildlife "Born 2B Wild" motorcycle run sponsored by Chester's Harley-Davidson*****

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