Monday, January 12, 2009

This Week at Liberty 01/12/2009

OK, here we go, well into the new year, and interesting things are always happening at the facility: birds and volunteers are both in training for future activity, a few updates on previous intakes, and an injury that defies explanation, which, unfortunately, we see all too often.
Here's the week...!
My harris' hawk rescue from the 17 of December.
The big harris' hawk I brought in last month is still with us.  She went to the eye doctor and they confirmed that she suffered some kind of head trauma which caused the retina in her left eye to become detached. This means a loss of useful vision in that eye.  The good news is, if she can learn to fly and land properly (an ability I can certainly appreciate!), she can still be released.  Her family is still waiting for her to join up and take the lead again!
Jan and Toba check on the ferruginous' wing.
The gorgeouos ferruginous hawk that came in last month has had surgery on his broken wing and is now in recovery. Dr. Driggers pinned the bone and sutured the wound and it looks like he will keep the wing and be placed as an educational bird.
Lilly holds the peregrine for his foot soak.
The latest treatment for bumblefoot.
The donated "Tricide" is still in use as a treatment for bumblefoot.  One of our little peregrine falcons has a rather stubborn case and his feet are being soaked in this fluid daily to correct the problem.  When his feet clear up, he is ready for release!
Another beautiful RTH!
Jan demonstrates an exam technique to Toba and Alison.
The wing/body wrap is started.
The wrap is complete.
This hawk has gorgeous plumage!
The new crop of Medical Services volunteers is getting more experienced as the months go by.  Now on "Vet Night," Jan does more observing than teaching but still offers some advice on techniques learned mainly by experience. This beautiful bird is in good hands!
A wound on the left side...
and a wound on the right side (from the same dart).
The dart went through her head below the eyes.
I don't know how many blow darts end up in ducks and other birds over the years, but it's a lot and it still bothers me. Coincidentally (?), most of these injuries occur in the period right after Christmas.  Maybe parents should think twice about getting this type of weapon for their kids... Normally, Liberty doesn't treat domestic ducks like this, but we couldn't turn her away with this steel dart sticking out of both sides of her head! 
Sonora and Joe in the flight enclosure.
Very impressive, even inside!
Sonora continues to progress in her training. Feeling at ease now with Joe, she has progressed to the inside flight enclosure where she is learning to fly to the perch on command.  I should have videos of this next week!

OK, ok, I am SOOO not a sports fan, but after last Saturday's victory, I just HAD to run this in honor of our wonderful Arizona Cardinals! (I took this down near Bisbee on a tour with SABO a couple of years ago.)

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