Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hoots, Howls, & Hollers 12/08/08

I want to encourage each of you to consider a very layered way of giving to our community. On December 21, 2008 Liberty Wildlife is embarking on a new adventure in events. We are partnering with The Phoenix Theatre. This is a win, win, win, kind of event. You will be helping children who are ill or injured. You will be helping native wildlife that is ill or injured, you will be supporting a cultural event with a supremely important message of giving and sharing and you will be doing it all LOCALLY!

For a donation of $50 to Liberty Wildlife you will do several important things. You will be supporting the release of a native animal back into the wild; you will be buying a plush toy bald eagle (coincidentally named Liberty) for a hospitalized child from Andrea’s Closet at St. Joe’s Hospital, and you will be receiving a certificate of sponsorship that will testify to your tax deduction. How perfect is that? Well, it can be even more perfect if you donate $100 to Liberty Wildlife in support of the release of not one but three animals into the wild, plush toy for Andrea’s Closet and accompanying certificate for tax benefits…..it just gets better. If you choose to come to the last performance of the Quiltmaker’s Gift you will experience the theatrical production with a strong philanthropic message that not only young people should hear. You will see Liberty Wildlife’s educational team and wildlife ambassadors including eagles, falcons, hawks, owls and maybe a reptile or two. And if this weren’t enough you will be able to see the release of two rehabilitated Harris’s Hawks during the time between performances. This is an event you can’t afford to miss on many levels!

And, best of all of this is all LOCAL!

This is the perfect gift for someone who has everything or someone with a social conscious…..something a person could feel proud to receive!
Please visit our e store via the home page of our website, www.libertywildlife.org or directly at www.libertywildlife.net and click on “special holiday donations” to sign on to be a supporter of this three tiered way of helping. You can imagine your plush toy eagle in the arms of a child during the holidays. Do your part now. The toys are awaiting their chance to make a child smile and to set an animal free.

With all of this being said, everyone at Liberty Wildlife would like to wish each of you the best of the Holiday Season. Remember that wildlife is a significant part of our home, neighborhood and planet. It doesn’t speak for itself so we speak for it in wishing you a blessed, bountiful, balanced holiday.

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