Monday, December 29, 2008

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 12/29/2008


If the backwards looking Janus showed up at Liberty Wildlife, he would see a lot of really good stuff.  Our accomplishments have been many.  We have cared for almost 4000 native animals in the past year.  That is a lot of rescuing, x-raying, bandaging, feeding, medicating, raising, and releasing.  He would also see the thousands upon thousands of people of all ages left smiling from the intimate contact with wildlife via our wildlife educators.  He would see a number of new creative programs that allow young people to assist us through read-a-thons like the Tesseract School or the dance for the animals at Aztec School.  He would see assistance to the community in research and conservation areas, and he would see great progress in our goal to relocate to Papago Park.  The old guy would be grinning from ear to ear. No regrets there.


Then there is the forward facing guy.  He’ll have a twinkle in his eye filled with hope for our future and of good things to come.  But we can’t allow him to get too far ahead of himself or nothing ever happens. Too far ahead and fear creeps in.  We become paralyzed if the future brokers are allowed to speak of the unknown with doom and gloom in their voices.  No, steer clear of the fear mongers.


I tend to like the spot in between the two faces.  You can’t really see it, but we all know it is there.  It has no regrets about the past, and it has no fears about the future.  It is the powerhouse, the present moment, the creative inspiration where all potential hangs out. It is in that present spot that our past accomplishments meld with our future promise and the transition occurs…..and based on that the future takes care of itself.


t is my suggestion that we all slip into the magical present giving thanks to those of you who have so generously supported our mission and embracing all of you who will soar with us into our possibilities and our hope filled future………..And so to Janus we say, “Listen up Old Guy…..Let the Good Times Roll!”

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