Monday, December 1, 2008

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers 12/01/2008

Do you have the shopping panic yet?  Do you have a list of people to shop for and no ideas to go beside their names?  Do you know the correct sizes, colors, styles that would please?  Do you want to fight traffic, search for a parking place, or face the horror of returning wrong choices?  If your answers to any of these questions made you frown here are some examples of what other smiling shoppers are doing.

First of course there is Cyber shopping. Liberty Wildlife has opened our brand new on line store, and instead of fighting the mall scene we’d love for you to type in and shop to your heart’s content.  Shipping is free (bird houses excluded on this offer), and handling is on us for our launch special.

 Of course there are other ways to make your giving more meaningful. For example I’d like to share the story of Ella.  Ella just turned eight years old.  Yes, that is correct…..eight years old.  This is usually the “gimme” age but not for Ella.  For Ella it was a “giveya” kind of time.  She requested that friends and family donate cash or items from our wish list for her big day.  She came to Liberty on Friday to take a tour and bring her gifts.  There was over $150 in cash with donations still coming in from PayPal, and there were boxes of office supplies, paper towels and other items we normally have to buy.  And to top it all she has scheduled an education program to be held for her classroom in the near future.  With young people like this the future looks very hopeful.

 Another way to help is by joining in the fun as Liberty Wildlife and The Phoenix Theatre partner to help wildlife and children.  On December 21 the Theatre will perform the last showing of The Cookie Company’s The Quiltmaker’s Gift.  Tickets to the performance can be purchased on line also at If you are looking for a special gift for someone hard to buy for, you could sponsor one rehabilitated raptor back into the wild for a $50 donation or three animals back into the wild for $100.  With this donation you, The Theatre, and Liberty Wildlife will also be donating in your name a plush toy eagle called Liberty to a child hospitalized during the holidays. To make it even better, Liberty’s Education Team and wildlife Ambassadors will be present before the show and two rehabilitated Harris’ Hawks will be released back into the wild between performances.  For more information on this wonderfully generous offering go to and click on Special Holiday offerings- “Sponsor an animal back into the wild”.  What a great experience for the young ones in your world. 

Be creative and give a gift that gives more than you paid for without all of the hassles!

Ella (center) and her family (and eagle friend) get a thank you from Missi.

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