Monday, November 17, 2008

This Week at Liberty 11/17/2008

Each week as I start to put this together, I'm sure I won't have enough to keep anyone's interest, and yet, even being deep into the slow season, I still find cool stuff to record and report... at least I hope you'll find it cool! I'll keep trying to make this fresh and fun, so if you have any comments and suggestions, please post them.  Since I only do this once a week, some of the comments don't get moderated until the following week, and for that I apologize. I'll try to check them more frequently. Now, for this week...
"Meet the Flockers"
We now have two peregrines and two prairie falcons in rehab and being short of flight enclosures large enough to provide them with adequate space, they were placed together last week. When this picture was taken, there was still some sizing-up and eye-balling going on, with the peregrines on the left and the prairies on the right.  C'mon guys, can't we all just get along?
Clean new wrap for the injured wing.
Future TV star!
This is the little owl that was injured on the barbed wire fence and filmed by Animal Planet some weeks ago.  The injury turned out to be serious enough to preclude his release, but he is now being groomed (preened?) as a new helper for Hogan, our top foster parent, in the upcoming season. The plan is still to tell his story on the first show of "Animal Cops: Phoenix" next spring.
A gorgeous male sharp-shinned hawk arrives.
A wound to the wrist is examined...
Denise makes notes on his medical record.
Lorenza holds while Denise wraps the wound.
A beautiful little male sharp-shinned hawk came to us last week.  Kind of a rarity, he is absolutely stunning as almost all of his feathers are intact! An injury to his wrist is not uncommon but at least at first exam, it seems manageable, and he is a very good patient!
Trick enjoys an outing.
Rousing kestrel
Anne works with Phoenix.
Jan holds Salsa
We have some new Education volunteers who are getting trained to both handle birds and speak about them to a group.  One of their training tasks involves what we call "practice partners" which are experienced educators who sit with the new folks, monitor their handling techniques, and listen to their program presentations. This helps both the new volunteers get used to the process, and lets the birds get used to the new handlers. (And gave me an opportunity to get some great photos last week!)
Megan gets ready for the hand-off.

Milo sets him free!
Another GHO was released last week, going home to the wild after several months of rehab. One of our long time supporters got the call to launch this night-time hunter on his career on a mountainside not far from Liberty.

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