Monday, November 10, 2008

This Week at Liberty 11/10/2008

This past week had to be some kind of record: We took in four peregrine falcons in three days! That, plus a usual number of GHOs, RTHs and, oh yeah, a beautiful Costa's Hummingbird! Plus we are now releasing a lot of the orphans from early in the year, one from early last year...
Marion and Travis tend the injured wing of a GHO.
A little great horned owl arrived today, after making an Odysee from where he was injured in the eastern part of the state, through another rehabber in another town, through WildWing in Ahwatukee, and finally to Liberty. The cause of his injury is unknown, but he is in good hands.

Art examines as Julie learns how it's done.

Louise and Jodi treat another peregrine intake.

A large female peregrine with internal injuries.

Jan examines while Missi holds and Joanie learns the process.

Joanie gives her first injection.
As I said above, we took in four peregrine falcons last week. We're assuming they are migrating through as this is an unusual event. the injuries range from devastating back and head injuries to other less obvious trauma. Our new Medical Services volunteers are getting some good training and practice on these magnificent predators.

A beautiful male Costa's hummingbird.

When they're this small, tape makes a good splint. (Note the dime for scale)
A little (and I mean LITTLE) Costa's hummingbird came in with an injured wing. After being triaged at Liberty, he was transfered to Gloria Halesworth at WildWing for more specialized treatment and care.

Bailey is always a star!
I got to do a program at a science camp near Kohl's Ranch north of Payson this week. It was a long drive for me and the birds, but well worth it to show the kids some of their wildlife up close and personal. They all asked good questions and scribbled notes furiously as I spoke.

Anne Peyton feeds Jester as a resident grackle looks on.
I was watching Anne Peyton, well known wildlife artist and long time Liberty volunteer, feed one of our peregrines today and had to grab a picture. There is a little grackle that hangs around the feeding area, waiting for scraps to fall to the ground. He was sitting on the chair within four feet of the top bird killing machine in the world, waiting for him to display bad table manners...

Jan prepares for the release.

Free at last!
Early last year (2007) an orphan baby GHO came in with a broken wing. It took until this week for her recovery to be complete, but the day arrived last Saturday. She was released at a home in Paradise Valley, making her debut as a free owl the hit of the event. I took some "night vision" video where you can see her flying over the crowd and the pool, landing on the roof of the patio! A few minutes later, after getting her bearings, she flew off into the night.

*****For the local Liberty Wildlife followers, our annual Liberty Volunteer Appreciation picnic will be held at the Pera Club in Tempe on November 23. Please come if you can! We will have food, beverages, gifts and fun for all! RSVP to and get details and directions!
See you there!!!*****

***Bulletin!*** The Liberty office and the bird room (ICU) phones will be out of service for the next several days. Please contact Jan, Missi, or me via cell phone!! We should be up and connected no later than the 19th.

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