Sunday, September 7, 2008

This Week at Liberty 09/08/2008

The week started off a little slow, but finished up with a surprise visitor. The balance of this week's update will revolve around the new kid, but first, a taste of the variety of animals we saw... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Baby Pack Rat gets fed
Rebecca is always bringing in interesting little things (she is our own personal link to Bat World International) This week she brought in a baby pack rat that is in rehab. Interesting how both ends of the food chain benefit from the activities of Liberty!
Medicating a sick mallard
With water levels in the local lakes rising from monsoon rains, more vegetation is being inundated and the ensuing rot causes flare ups of botulism. Quick treatment is the key to successful recovery. Here JoAnn and Jan administer medicine and fluids to an ill mallard.
Migrating Western Tanager
A beautiful little migrant arrived this week. This little Western Tanager is taking a few days off from his southerly trek to sample the accommodations at "Club Liberty" for some rest and rehabilitation. Hopefully he'll join the rest of the group in a few days.
Now for our celebrity guest...!
An undignified arrival for the top of the food chain...
He appears to be a handsome bird over all
Giving a gentle bite to a helpful hand
Jan checks a wing as Melissa holds
A blood sample is drawn
Jill handles the blood sample
Fluids are always in order
A quick spray for mites before cage rest
The new blood testing kit gets a first use
Jan carefully prepares the sample

The results are received in 180 seconds...
The golden mane is striking in a young golden eagle
After the slow week, a call came in Friday from game and Fish that they had a golden eagle en route. The bird was found on the San Carlos Reservation and would be met in Globe by Carl Price. He had been down for three days and it was reported that he was laying head down in the box and was not breathing well. This news was a little disheartening, but we never give up. Carl arrived around 345 and Missi and Jan began work immediately. He had some bruising and was very underweight, but was standing and even biting a little (a good sign!) Blood was drawn and tested with our newly acquired kit (Thank you, Naomi!) that measures lead levels, something that is always of high concern with eagles. After being sprayed for feather mites, given some fluids, and fed some chicken which he downed hungrily, he was put in a warm cage for rest and de-stressing. As of Sunday morning, he was standing and still eating like there was no tomorrow! Keep the fingers crossed for this beautiful bird!


Bet said...

I wanted to let the person who does the blog know what an outstanding job they are doing.
KEEP up the good work you all are doing.
Bet in Florida

Realty Executives Int'l said...

This is a much better way to get the word out! Thanks for the blog. I appreciated the weekly emails, but this is much more efficient. Great job!

Rich Rector