Monday, August 4, 2008

Hoot, Howls, and Hollers

Of the many wonderful things that we do at Liberty Wildlife, releases of rehabilitated animals are high on the list. Catapulting this notion higher, if possible, is a release in honor of someone who is transitioning this life.

Recently we released two Harris’ Hawks in the honor of an airline pilot, Capt.Tom Nehez of US Airways. His military funeral, while meaningful and touching beyond belief, was punctuated by the spectacular release of these two denizens of the sky. The two young hawks, former orphans, began their life of freedom in honor of fellow flyer. It was a fitting metaphor for someone who was at home in the air.

Another release in honor of photographer, Jim Cox, of Channel Three occurred at the official launch of his Foundation for Student Photographers. His family, appreciating his love of flight, made this a special part of the celebration of his life. Family and friends took part in the Liberty Wildlife tradition of sending a silent wish either for the person, for themselves, or for the animal on the wings of the freed bird. This release like all others disappointed no one…especially the animal that senses the scent of freedom and wings it into the wild again…free to do what it was designed to do.

It’s what it is all about!

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