Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This Week at Liberty 07/28/2008

Lots of new creatures, and a few updates on previous subjects this week. Also, this is the debut of the TW@L blog, so I hope no one has problems viewing the pics!

Carl brings in a wet GHO
Even a wet owl needs fluids

He'll be treated for canker
Since I assumed my new position, the Hotline is not calling me as often as they were, but Carl Price is still going out almost daily on rescue missions. Last week it was a great horned owl in a chimney, this week another GHO was brought in, this one was soaked from falling into a pool! The little guy also has canker, but is being treated.

Biting the finger that help you!
A raven came in with a wing injury. As Jan was examining him, Denise held him gently, despite his best biting efforts. Raptors, like hawks, owls, and eagles aren’t apt to use their beaks for weapons, but ravens have no such inhibition!

The latest of Hogan's heroes
Snickers gets a talon trimming
As the summer wears on, Hogan is working on another group of fosters which will soon be in the flight cage, learning their trade as “Tigers of the Sky”. In the meantime, the education GHO squad has some routine maintenance performed as Snickers and Magellan get their talons trimmed. They are so well trained that they get their pedicures while standing on the glove.

Mom and three kids play after being reunited
Some drama this week as a family of young raccoons came in… piecemeal! Two little ones arrived, and promptly did their Houdini act and escaped. One was trapped, and got out again! Then the mom and another baby showed up. The two escapees heard mom’s chittering and returned to find her and were then captured by Jan, Alan, and Melissa, leading to a happy reunion!

Red has a meal(worm)
Three amigos!
Rebecca Moffat, one of Liberty’s long time Med Services volunteers, is also the Phoenix representative for Bat World Sanctuary, a Texas based bat rehab and advocacy group. She recently brought in three little guys she’s helping to rehab, including the red bat who starred in the cute-fest last week! As I write this, he’s been released! Two Western Pipistrelle bats in her care also got their class pictures taken!

Little flammulated recovers

Little screech owl is doing well
The little flammulated owl continues his treatment. He’s holding his own, despite having two broken legs, but since he’s a juvenile, the bones should heal well. The young screech owl is also recovering from his wing amputation. So young to be grounded, his future as an educational bird are fairly bright.

Baby Burrowing owl
Vocal fledgling
Ready to go outside!
And the two young burrowing owls are making great progress, being moved to an outside enclosure to live with our adult mentors, Merry and Pippin!
The difference in the baby (blue eyes, not uncommon in owls this young) and the fledgling (yellow eyes and more brown plumage) can be seen in this group shot!

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