Monday, October 25, 2010

I think today I will let others brag about our service to the community. Here are two responses from people who have known us either for a long time or just a short while. It is not surprising that both are favorably inclined toward Liberty Wildlife and our different programs. I will omit the names out of respect for their privacy.

As many of you know our Non-eagle Feather Repository opened on October 1st. Our first request came from a gentleman in Nebraska for a red tailed hawk tail. We e mailed back and forth, and it was easy to see how thrilled he was with the possibility of receiving these feathers. Since his was the first request that made it through the process, he was the first one to receive his request for the tail feathers. Here is what he had to say:

Megan, I cannot begin to THANK YOU enough for the wonderful gift of the" Cetan" feathers. I cannot believe how good the condition of the tail is. I will tell people of your organization and the big heart you have for Native traditions and ceremony. I will include you in my prayers and pipe ceremony this weekend. PILAMAYA Megan, C.F.

Now for some interpretation from the Lakota language:

In Lakota mythology, Čhetáŋ is the hawk spirit and is associated with the east and the qualities of speed, dedication and good vision. Čhetáŋ is also a poet. In Canadian aboriginal culture, on the other hand, the term Čhetáŋ is often used to describe mountains and rolling hills.


thank you (pilamaya, ashoge).

Consider also: thanks, thanks a lot.

Then a few days later I received this e mail from a person who has known us for a while, C.C., who was responding to an e mail she received from a friend of hers.

I thought I would share that my son found an owl today at school so they called Liberty and they came to rescue it…they were so excited. C.J.

Wonderful! I found a sea gull in San Diego, and I called their wildlife rescue thinking they were as good as Liberty. I was so surprised to learn that they would keep the bird for 10 days and see if it got better (on its own) and then euthanize it! When I related to them what I expected to happen and used Liberty as an example their response was that they were a volunteer, non-profit organization and did not have that kind of capacity. We are indeed lucky to have Liberty. By the way, the gull flew away on the 8th day! C.C.

I am so very proud of the staff, volunteers and donors who make all of this possible!

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